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When mold growth occurs, the occupants of the affected area might experience health problems, particularly the ones with respiratory problems or allergies. If your property has been affected by mold growth, you need to act immediately in order to avoid health complications and to prevent mold from spreading through the premises of your home.

Our mold remediation Boca Raton experts have the experience, knowledge and specialized equipment that can assist you with stopping the spread of mold and preventing it from ever happening again. We perform our mold removal services diligently and efficiently, ensuring your property is free of mold growth after we are done.

As a certified & licensed company, we provide mold inspection, mold removal and odor elimination services to both commercial and residential customers throughout Boca Raton, Florida. Our mold remediation procedure follows all the EPA and OSHA guidelines, and also the industry standards which are defined by the IICRC.

Our remediation services effectively contain, treat and neutralize all toxic mold, spores, smoke, odors, and any other hazardous waste in the air and on the surfaces. We always use state of the art equipment which enables us to deliver superior mold remediation services. Moreover, the products we use are green, biodegradable and EPA certified for use in both commercial and residential areas.


Our Mold Removal Process


Mold Inspection

inspectionWe start by assessing the severity of the mold problem before we begin the mitigation process. Our team of experts will check every nook and cranny where the mold growth can hide.

Through the use of our moisture detection equipment, our technicians will carefully assess and identify moisture intrusion in your building.





mold removal boca ratonMold spores can easily travel to other parts of a building via the ventilation system, causing additional contamination.

Our technicians understand this and will isolate the contaminated area so as to prevent the spread of mold spores to the other unaffected areas of the property.






We use humidity control which utilizes negative pressure technologies and air filtration to further prevent mold spores from spreading during the mold removal process. We also ensure dust, chemical contaminants and other airborne debris are completely removed from the air.



Removal and Clean Up

mold inspectionAll of the contaminated materials are removed as per the mold remediation guidelines. Our mold removal Boca Raton technicians then use HEPA vacuums to dry out all the surfaces.

Our HEPA vacuums utilize strong filters which remove even the tiniest of particles in the air. If necessary, we also do cleaning and sanitization of air duct systems to remove the possibility of any residual mold.

Final vacuuming is then done on all the affected surfaces. Note that furniture, drywall, carpets and other damaged items may need to be replaced to prevent the mold from returning.




After the mold removal and clean-up process is complete, we begin working with the restoration process. We put back all of the flooring surfaces, do painting where necessary, and even reinstall your furniture. Our objective after completing the mold remediation process is to return your property to its original pre-loss condition.


Why Choose Us

mold mitigation


We always try to educate our customers about our mold remediation process, so they can fully understand all the advantages of performing a complete mold restoration project. Our pricing is honest, and we keep an open line of communication throughout the complete process.



Our professional mold removal experts are highly trained, knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, and only use cutting edge tools which are designed to remove every mold spore from your home as quickly as possible.


Quick response times

We are available 24/7 and we are always ready to respond to your needs at any time of day or night. We understand that immediate action is necessary when faced with a mold problem, so we will come to you as soon as you contact us.



We always adhere to the regulations and guidelines set down by the EPA. When you call us to perform mold remediation in your property, you can be rest assured that we will utilize only the best EPA registered mold disinfectants and we will adhere to all the laid down EPA guidelines.


Advanced Techniques

We invest in the most advanced equipment and our technicians receive ongoing mold remediation training; this allows us to constantly be improving the way we perform our work and offer a much better service everytime.


Variety of Services

When you hire us, you are not just hiring a mold cleanup company. We actually provide our clients with a variety of mold related services such as, mold infiltration assessment, structural drying, contamination prevention, water damage restoration, dry ice blasting, air purification, sanitation, remodeling and reconstruction, carpet/upholstery cleaning and more.


Peace of mind

Our remediation services focus on more than just restoring your home. They are about restoring your peace of mind and comfort. We fully understand the effect that mold can do to your home, your health and ultimately your well being. With this in mind, we make it our main goal to help you in all aspects of what we do. Our priority is to restore not only the affected areas, but also give you a peace of mind in a way that exemplifies our unmatched top level services and customer care.


Though we hope you never have to contact us, we will always be ready for you if you do. We’ll greatly appreciate the opportunity to service your needs and help you completely restore your property. So, if you are a Florida resident and need mold remediation services, contact us today and we will gladly be at your service. Our trained technicians have the knowledge, resources and equipment necessary to respond to any kind of mold problem quickly and efficiently.
Give us a call today. Our number is: (561) 264-8193

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